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7 Seconds - What If There's War In America

These are the lyrics for the song "What If There's War In America" played by "7 Seconds". You can download "What If There's War In America - 7 Seconds" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

A street with bodies, filled with guts,
Child\'s world is such a mess.
One bomb could rip this place apart,
Yet who\'s to blame, where\'d it start.
America\'s! War! (2x)
Just one more war by \'84,
It\'s killin\' me and killin\' you.
These enemies want a little taste
Of what\'s left of American waste.
(Repeat Chorus)
Our government, they gave the world,
With non of our voices ever heard,
A silence first and then a scream,
So much for the American Dream.
(Repeat Chorus 4x)

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