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8 Screen - Sad Reality

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Mom tell me why life is so tough
So painful
I would to be again 5 years old
When it ws easy and when you liked me...

Now i'm 14 And life is difficult
I'm not good at school
I want to sucide myself
To kill myself, to die, to be out of this world

Mom help me when i said
drity words, no offense
I love you mom
Come back mom i need you
I'm gonna kill me
life is so tough

And you dad you teach how to hunt, to fish
And to lace my shoes
Where are you when i need you
Tell me what to do
I make stupid things everyday, life is so tough

Dad tell me why life is so tough
so painful
i would like to be 5 years old again
when it was easy and when you liked me

Where are the days
The sunny days when i was happy
Mom and dad why did you divorce
I love ya

Mom and dad i love ya
Life is tougher and tougher
This life is fucked up
and your life is fucked up

Mom please help me
Dad please help me

Help me mom and dad

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