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Adolescents, The - Welcome To Reality

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Blood so deep the horse must hold his head up high
In the valley of decision where one-third of the world will die
Beat your hoes and plows into axes and spears
As the armies meet in a battle they've predicted for years

Let the weak say I'm a warrior - Bring down the warriors
Let the faithless regain faith - Your faith is hopeless

The prophets and psychics and the military agree
Continued world crisis leads us straight to World War III
Roll out the red carpet let the angel of death ride in
To the valley of decision let the mayhem begin


Apocalyptic madness - Two-thirds of the world in sadness
The other third is gone but the insanity lingers on
Crumbled cities in an aftermath of hate
No way to stop it because now it's too late

The Anti-Christ his mission done
The dead are the only lucky ones

Are you ready? The picture's painted
For the valley the scene is set
Of decision - Make your decision
For the valley it's too late

Welcome - Welcome to reality
Welcome - Welcome to reality
Welcome - Welcome to reality
Make your decision 'cause you've got no choice

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