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Air Supply - American Hearts

These are the lyrics for the song "American Hearts" played by "Air Supply". You can download "American Hearts - Air Supply" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

They were married in September back in 1969
They traveled east to India to find some peace of mind
They stood for love and freedom
They were children of their time, wo wo
They lived in a world that was cold and uncaring
They swore they would change it with love and sharing
They never lived like their parents had done
Their innocence shone like the sun

American hearts, so filled with emotion
American hearts, so easily broken

Now they''ve got a family and a cottage in the hills
He''s always working late to pay the mortgage and the bills
And she has trouble sleeping so the doctor gives her pills, wo wo
Who are these strangers who used to be lovers?
Now they''ve got nothing to say to each other
Too far apart to discuss their mistakes
They fought with divorce and it breaks their

Now that it''s over, they each go on living
Never forgetting but somehow forgiving
They''ll care for their children
Protect them with pride
And that''s how the dream will survive in
(Repeat Chorus)

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