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Appease - Johnny No Stars

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19 stars and one love song
Paint a picture of how my lifes gone wrong
I don t want no sympathy, I
Just want you to understand
It was all a lie
My sadness is planted in the sky
Nothing is different its all the same
With every useless hour I feel my heart strain
You never said goodbye before you moved away
Now I sit in an empty house screaming your name
I would like to leave it all behind
The galleries of broken thoughts
Hanging in my mind
The same dream I ve had since I was young
Got 19 stars and one love song
Now...I m left to reflect
The pain I was born with the love I inject
The tears that I bled just thinking of you
The worlds gone dead through this crimson view
Is it so hard to see I m different on the inside
Keep myself to myself and quit trying to confide

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