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Aroah - 320

These are the lyrics for the song "320" played by "Aroah". You can download "320 - Aroah" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

Why are you so spineless to say, so sad to pray?
Too tired to sleep?
How can you get up every day (and)
Lie at the mirror, right to your very own face?

I was lost in my own suspicions and I don't love you anymore
Now I'm back to my old ambitions and I don't want to anymore
How can you say that so flatly? How can you pretend?
All that time you spent, all those wasted precious years you lived

You died, for the 1st time
2 late, 2 try again
3 days is a long time
4 a girl of you age
50 million times a day

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