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Aroah - Y la cinta de "Los Bingueros"

These are the lyrics for the song "Y la cinta de "Los Bingueros"" played by "Aroah". You can download "Y la cinta de "Los Bingueros" - Aroah" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

When I came over I found you'd packed up all my things.
I thought that was nice cause I'd burned yours in my dreams.
You'd even packed some books I'd given you as gifts
That was some time ago, but I still remember this:

As I convinced you to keep my stereo I noticed some old LP's just lying on the floor.
Mostly thrift-shop acquisitions that look good on the shelf, but tucked in with that junk
I noticed something else

I used to think that you would never lie,
that I was that kind of girl but you were not that kind of guy.
I learned more later, but this should have been a sign.
I should have said something but I didn't even try to say:
Just for the record, that record is mine.

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