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Bif Naked - Alcohol Is The Root

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nking history did I not get fully pissed. Everytime. I have never, ever, been sober after two. Cheap date. The funnest date. The loudest jokes, the potty mouth. Why, I remember this one time standing behind the bar where the bartenders were workin'', and because I knew that 2 photographers from National Geographic were sittin'' at the bar, I was showing ''em my tricks. "Watch the Canadian girl pick the pimento out of the olive with her tongue." Yeah, always a barrel of laughs. How could I be taken seriously I was drunk! I don''t know, I feel kinda weird. I feel kinda stupid. It''s weird. I feel kinda stupid. It''s weird. I''m not necessarily bitter, but I can''t ever drink again, but I feel better, I feel in control, I don''t know how I ever drank. I really don''t know how I drank all that time. I don''t
think that, uh, drinking is for everybody, and I don''t think not drinking''s for everybody. But I gotta say, sobriety makes hindsight beyond 20/20. And I still think, and will always maintain, alcohol is the root of all evil.

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