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Breaking Point - Reality Show

These are the lyrics for the song "Reality Show" played by "Breaking Point". You can download "Reality Show - Breaking Point" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

We shape our lives by what we see on the t.v.
And now we're lost not knowing who or what to be
And all our lives, we run and hide
never knowing what's the truth behind the lies
the big disguise they've led us to believe

We're all living a reality show
and everyone is always acting their role
and all our lives in stereo
cause we're all living a reality show

I see the picture as it's painted on the screen
and i don't even know what's real or fantasy
but i realize all the lies
can not change the way i choose to live my life
televised for everyone to see


And i'm trying not to notice
but i'm losing all my focus in my life
in my life


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