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Cat Stevens - Foreigner Suite (Excerpt)

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There are no words, I can use
Because the meaning still leaves for you to choose
And I couldn't stand to let them be abused, by

Oh darling, you see my face
But in it my heart, that's where it's taking place
And I couldn't stand to let it go to waste...Can you

Oh Love...Sweet Blue Love
No man can ever get enough
But maybe one day, we'll all die in love

Oh Love...Sweet Love...My...My...(Love)
Sweet Blue Love
(No man can ever get enough
But maybe one day, we'll die in love)

Oh babe, understand
And take my love, that's all I have at hand
Please say you will, don't say you can't
But will you...will you...will you

The moment you walked inside my door
I knew that I need not look no more
I've seen many other girls before
But darling...Heaven must've programmed you

The moment you fell inside my dreams
I realized all I had not seen
I've seen many other girls before, ah but darling
Heaven must've programmed you

Will you...will you...will you...

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