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Cheap Sex - reality tv

These are the lyrics for the song "reality tv" played by "Cheap Sex". You can download "reality tv - Cheap Sex" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

searching for 15 minutes of fame
you can feed me shit
staple my stomach, walk on glass
i'll take any risk
i'm so desperate i'll do anything
as long as people see my face
for 500 grand and a prime time spot
anyone's ass i'll kiss.

reality tv - put a camera on me
reality tv - plastic surgery
reality tv - show me something sick
reality tv - you know it's all a trick

put me on an island
with a bunch of hicks
i'll sleep in the rain
feed me bugs and drop me from the sky
just remember my name
wanna be actors looking for thrills
maybe if i win then i can pay these bills
reality tv it's all a scam -
change me from a girl into a man.

wanna be actors looking for thrills
how much longer until you get your fill?

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