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Family Kelly - Key To My Heart

These are the lyrics for the song "Key To My Heart" played by "Family Kelly". You can download "Key To My Heart - Family Kelly" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

There´s a part of my heart
Wide and open for you
The key to my heart
It could be you
And if you got the key to my heart
You got to unlock the door
And to unlock the door
You got to find the right floor

You can try, You can try
To get to my heart
You can try,You can try
To find the right floor

Go ahead and dream
Dream as far as you want
The key to my heart
Is not a dream come true


If you happen to try
You could do fine
But if you happen to fly
Don´t fall and cry

Please don´t cry, Please don´t cry
You´re breaking my heart
Please don´t cry,Please don´t cry
You´re breaking my heart


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