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Family Kelly - One More Song

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Holding back all my troubles
That accumealated over time
And now I can\'t seem to define
You and I were like brothers
Stuck together in hard times
But now it all seems to decline
I\'we written one more song
Before everything goes wrong
One more song for keepin\' us going on
Come on now
One more song...
All the noise and all the trouble
Might have made us loose our minds
But all we need is a little time
One more song...
Ride on 4x into the sun
Ride on 4x into the sun
When you\'re young life is easy
But then the table turns around
And then you seem to realize
I\'ll sing you one more song...
Before everything goes wrong
We got a little time
And now I can seem to define
I\'ll sing you one more song

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