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Hunter Revenge - Why Can't U Understand?

These are the lyrics for the song "Why Can't U Understand?" played by "Hunter Revenge". You can download "Why Can't U Understand? - Hunter Revenge" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

I was working in a movie theatre
when I saw this girl and I wanted 2 meet her
so I let her in the double feature for free

After work she was by my car
she said, "I need a ride, and it's not very far"
I told her that I could give her a ride
but I know she wanted more from me

Why did U come here?
You know I'm only gonna break your heart
Why can't U understand?

U don't wanna love me
Girl, I told U from the very start
Why can't U understand?

1 night she called me on the telephone
she said, "it's 2 o'clock, but I don't wanna go home
no, I 'd rather spend the night alone with U."

20 minutes she was at my house
she made her way straight 2 the couch
I said, "you're drunk, girl U better leave now...
or lord knows what we'll do"

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