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Jack Hardy - I Can't Love You

These are the lyrics for the song "I Can't Love You" played by "Jack Hardy". You can download "I Can't Love You - Jack Hardy" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

I can't love you if you won't let me
if you find reasons to drive me away
I can't love you like heaven sent me
to fix the seasons and make them stay

through all the falling leaves like another
lost of their color, piled in the way
walk with abandon kicking the summer
flies in the face of talking this way

goldenrod withers, turns brown and broken
and fields of vision turn dark and gray
for I have spoken these words of feeling
I have my own dreams that have blown away

can't find the shutter to freeze the feeling
bright in vermilion that maple-leaf day
stammer and stutter, vagrant and reeling
that one-in-a-million that came to stay

now and forever this velvet cover
over the hourglass as time runs away
I can't love you more than forever
and still find the reasons to make you stay

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