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Jack Hardy - Porto Limon

These are the lyrics for the song "Porto Limon" played by "Jack Hardy". You can download "Porto Limon - Jack Hardy" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

oh captain, my captain
oh who is my captain?
can it be that there is nobody at the helm?
can they dare call it reason
in the growing treason
when the king has somehow abdicated the realm

will they fall from the sky in the black of the night
will they crawl through the jungle at dawn
will they put in in the west down at puntarenas
or in the east at porto limon

i signed on in my youth,
thinking there was but one truth
that this mission was sent for a merciful good
but when the port came in view
came a far darker hidden truth
that the cargo of business was understood

or they'll come through the banks
and the right-wing think tanks
multinational only means the people they cry
in the face of the reaper
you know the people work cheaper
keep a tight grip and squeeze all the freedom dry

oh captain, my captain
oh who is my captain?
can it be that nobody here is my friend?
for this history lesson
we will pay in aggression
that in business the means justify the end

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