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Jack Hardy - Síle Na Gcíoch (sheila)

These are the lyrics for the song "Síle Na Gcíoch (sheila)" played by "Jack Hardy". You can download "Síle Na Gcíoch (sheila) - Jack Hardy" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

S le I brought you a dress
I found on the side of the road
and though I know you're deservin' of the best
it's all I could be bringin' ya on my own
and S le this dark and flowered dress
I washed it out by hand till the flowers shone
reminding me of how you stand out from the rest
your smiling eyes in these darkened days we've known

chuir s uirthi (she put it on)
chuir s uirthi (she put it on)
an g na dubh 's bl thanna (the dark and flowered dress)
chuir s uirthi (she put it on)

S le you're young and in your prime
and me my hair's already turnin' gray
and oh how the tongues will go clickety-clack in time
how the dogs will bark when the caravan's on its way
and S le in spite of all of this
in the mist behind of Jimmy Long's house
my memory does linger long on a kiss
till this moon ran away behind the clouds

(repeat chorus)

S le not to frighten you away
but there are crosses by the side of the road
where many a traveler has met up with his fate
and mine will be no different I know
and S le a traveler you would be
if this dark and flowered dress you would wear
but though your heart be broken, though the priests turn you away
I could love you well if you would only dare

(repeat chorus)

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