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Jack Hardy - The Siege

These are the lyrics for the song "The Siege" played by "Jack Hardy". You can download "The Siege - Jack Hardy" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

they are laying the siege
the queen has ordered the walls rebuilt
stock of provisions and stock of skills
they're taking their leave
friends abandoned in times of plenty
poisoning the beautiful moat with envy
and i had a dream of a lost little girl
who danced in lace and lightning white pearls
the dizzying circles that blurred my sight
as we looked to the tower where she appeared
each night

the siege is in force
the candle, the torch for the hungry men
hovering like drones in the poisoned pen
that intimate course
sucking the power from her lessening health
making her feel guilt for all of her wealth
and i had a dream of a beautiful woman
who gave all her strength in the birth of a son
the fullness she shone it was reassuring
her venomous anger restrained for once

the siege it is over
the walls are in the ruins of the harpers' tunes
they all run coughing from the smoke filled rooms
where are they, where
the silver s been plundered and stripped to the bone
the well's run dry, there is a cold hearthstone
and i had a dream that i saw it all
the old woman in darkness who screams ~n the hall
what little she has now is what little she had then
they all want it over though they know how it ends

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