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James Brown - Hot Pants Part I

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Hot Pants, Pt. 1
James Brown
(Fred Wesley)
Album: 20 All-Time Greatest Hits

One-two one-two-three uh!

Hot pants- hey hot pants uh! smokin'
Hot pants- smokin' that-hot pants

That's where it's at, a-that's where it's at
Take your fine self home, hu
You look much better than time
My fever keeps growin'
Girl you're blowin' my mind

Thinkin' of loosin' that funky feelin' don't uh!
Cause you got to use just what you got
To get just what you want-a
Hey ha

Hot pants! hey! hot pants smokin'!
Hot pants make ya sure of yourself -good Lord
You walk like you got the only lovin' left, hey
So brother- if you're thinkin' of loosin' that feelin'
Then don't- ha
'Cause a woman got to use what she got
To get just what she wants ha, hey!
Hey hotpants

A-look a-hot pants, won't make ya dance-a
But as slick as you are-ha, you make the pants

Hey brother, do ya like it?
The girl over there with the funky pants on, ha!
She can, ah, do the chicken all night long

The girl over there with the hot pants on, uh
She can do the Funky Broadway all night long

The girl over there with the hot pants on
Filthy McNasty all night long

Get down, uh, the one over there
With the mini dress, ha!
I ain't got time, I still dig that mess

Get down, but I like the hot pants
Hey, I like a hot pants

Bring it home!
One more!
Hit me
Bring it home!
Bring it home!
Uh, bring it on home!
Bring it on home-a

[Alternate Version last verse]

Bring it on home, Hot Pants, I dig ridin' or walkin'
I be mellow- they give me fever- like any other fella
The Hot Pants I dig ridin' or walkin'
Be mellow they give me the fever like any other fella
My temperature is goin' up- about to give me a fit
The feelin' I'm gettin' just won't quit.

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