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Something For Kate - Captain (million Miles An Hour)

These are the lyrics for the song "Captain (million Miles An Hour)" played by "Something For Kate". You can download "Captain (million Miles An Hour) - Something For Kate" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

i built an aeroplane
it was just like the real ones that i saw when i was younger
but it was too small for me
to crawl inside the cockpit and fly away
at a million miles an hour (x4)
and it took me years
underneath the house we lived in
i threw my head and my heart in the cockpit
the sounds of the engines
the voices from upstairs i only heard my crew
preparing me for take off (x4)
preparing me (x2)
and it\'s just a model
built with plastic and with glue
but every day i go down to the airport
and i fly away from
i fly away from you (x2)

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