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Something For Kate - Manmade Horse

These are the lyrics for the song "Manmade Horse" played by "Something For Kate". You can download "Manmade Horse - Something For Kate" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

ask me how i am, ask me how i\'ve been
and then stand and watch and hope and wait and with any luck
i will be an earthquake
and i will clear a space here
where you can put pictures and silence and sleep
and you can stop asking \'cause you\'ll be

you\'ll be
down in the centre of the earth with me
now you see me
now you don\'t bother looking twice

i picture myself like a column of smoke
and when questioned i see myself riding around forever on a manmade horse and you
and you

you\'ll be
moving randomly
you\'ll be
now you see me
now you don\'t bother looking twice

so you can go
through a wall
keep it
try not
to grow
you can\'t do it

you\'ll be
riding around forever

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