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TISM - Garbage

These are the lyrics for the song "Garbage" played by "TISM". You can download "Garbage - TISM" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

I met a member of Generation X
Said "What's in with you kids these days?
I'm so old I'll probably never have heard of it"-
And then he said, "Purple Haze."

Now I know that we should separate our garbage-
The environment'll give us thanks;
But it's going to far when teenagers re-cycle
Their parents' adolescent angst.
Do you want to save the world?
Don't recycle.

Monday night is 50's night;
Tuesday night is 60's night;
Wednesday night is 70's night;
Friday night is Thursday night.

Paul McCartney once said that the Sex Pistols
Were another band doin' Chuck Berry;
At the time I thought, "You boring old wanker",
But now I thik it's downright scary.

Do you want to save the world?
Don't recycle garbage

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