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A Day At The Fair - No Lights On Weldon

These are the lyrics for the song "No Lights On Weldon" played by "A Day At The Fair". You can download "No Lights On Weldon - A Day At The Fair" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

We made our plans to meet tonight,
under street lights of suburban U.S.A
Nostalgia that I keep on playing on
The mix will play that life made for you
and it's telling me that we've all found something true
Embedded in nights like tonight
and we move on
*Let's wish on stars like we used to
I'll tell you how much I have missed you
**We're spending all of our lives
like we did tonight, knowing we can work this out
There are roads and signs, that lead us home sometime
We can work this, we'll all work this out...
We can find where this belongs
like summer hymns and punk rock songs we love
the outcome of summer's old life
this season holds it's heart in hand
like allergies to swollen glands we know
Keep growing on nights like tonight
We move on
*Let's drive these roads like we used to
We'll pretend the pavement still loves you
This is one night, built from our lives
in this town we've left to love
This is my life, these are my times
I'll take you there, I'll take you all back home

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