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Abbott Hayes - we dont need a bigger boat

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My body's sea bound
And meant to follow you down
With an anchor slipping slowly
To the ocean floor
It's a race and though
You've always bared the greater weight
That keeps you in the lead
Just thought I'd give it one more
Shot both in the dark
And in hot pursuit
Over our drowning heads
The light fades to blue
Beneathe is the darkness
We sink into
We've sunk ourselves
Release your one last breathe
You're so helpless

I know the pressure's too great
The current pulls you away
Caught in the rythme you sway with the
With the ocean turning you over
Burning your back on the coral
I resurface alone

This bottles sea bound
And 90 meters deep by now
With an anchor slipping slowly
To the ocean floor
Unlike me
It's plunge is fast and unforgiving
A small vessel with a note inside
Sent to explore
The depths in which you sink
A place I dare not go
And not because of the riptides
Or the bends you know
Out of reach from the heavens
So reach your hands to the sky
Pray for a low shooting star
Hang on and go for a ride

And I regret to inform you of this information now
I would have got back to you sooner
But the line cut out
And my last hope sinks besides you
There in writing
I resurface alone

This letter's lost at sea
It's short but sweet
And it reads as follows dear friend
By any chance
Or by any means
You ever make it home
I'll be sure to leave
The light on
Burning brightly sees
Your way through the dark
As the flame flickers and fleas
From raindrops falling heavily
Heavenly raindrops falling heavily

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