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Adam And The Weight - Child In Need

These are the lyrics for the song "Child In Need" played by "Adam And The Weight". You can download "Child In Need - Adam And The Weight" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

I've been redirecting my energy
Without any aim
Now I've gone and hit rock bottom
With only myself to blame

I wish you would
I wish you would
Take me in amongst your friends
But I wish I could
I wish I could
Believe in a helping hand

Never thought we'd fall apart so fast
But I immediately saw a change in you
I've gotta stop blaming my parents for what I do, yeah

We've been paying too much attention to ourselves
And just gliding along
Now we've come to see rock bottom
And don't know how to go on

I wish we would
I wish we would
Learn how to have our egos bend
I know we could
I know we could
Stay alive in the end
Come alive again, oh yeah

Never thought we'd come together so fast
And now I like what I see and I hope it lasts
Now it's up to us and all our guests
To go in peace
Gotta go in peace

A child in need is for the takin' in
There's a bus out of town
Don't let her get on it
A child in need is to be covered indeed
With love
With love

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