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Adam Richman - Everything That You Need

These are the lyrics for the song "Everything That You Need" played by "Adam Richman". You can download "Everything That You Need - Adam Richman" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

I'm not grown up
still writing songs
like I'm dealing with you still every day
a myth to say
I've become strong
my strength is always kissed away

the thought of our past lingers through our lives
too haunted by mountains and endless skies
every star stands out like the scars we bare to survive

I swear I shouldn't say it
but fine now
admitting that it always comes back to you
and getting over where we left off wouldn't do
I'd spend these years wondering
who I'm meant to be
it's not to say that you change me
but I guess that that's a given
if you were around, all things forgiven
I'd give you everything that you need

uncertainty is nothing next
to romantic tendencies and fallacies
faking myself out once again
could make real sense of the shit we've seen

I'm pretty damn scared if you come around
we might have to revisit the sights and sounds
of a summer spent pissing away the time we still haven't found

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