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Air Supply - Can''t Stop The Rain

These are the lyrics for the song "Can''t Stop The Rain" played by "Air Supply". You can download "Can''t Stop The Rain - Air Supply" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

When we believe our reality
In the words that we say
We''re all searching for sanity
Till it drives us away
To that place in the wilderness
In the deep of your mind
You remember the happiness
Wasn''t easy to find
Why do we spend time alone
Why don''t we end nights together
Isn''t it time to come home

I can''t stop the rain from falling
Do what you must do
I can only hope to share
The pain I gave to you
Gave to you
We can climb to another world
If we never look down
We can join in the avalanche
And be thrown to the ground
If I''m still a part of your life
Come lay your head on my pillow
And tell me to hold you tonight

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