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Air Supply - Chances Are

These are the lyrics for the song "Chances Are" played by "Air Supply". You can download "Chances Are - Air Supply" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

There\'s a chance you will be there.
I\'d like to know the truth, I\'ll find out somehow.
Chances are too strong, chance you will be there.
Please be there alone. Help me speak out load.
Chances aren\'t enough, ones too good to me.
Chances are too strong, chance is all there is.

There\'s a Chance you will be there
Wandering what to do, how to play my role.
I\'ll leave it up to you, If I disguise my smile.
It gives too much away. What if we can\'t speak?
What I\'m trying to say, don\'t you be too long
Something has gone wrong. Chances are all gone.

Repeat 2nd verse

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