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Alone In This - Keeps Me Awake

These are the lyrics for the song "Keeps Me Awake" played by "Alone In This". You can download "Keeps Me Awake - Alone In This" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

It's been a day now since I talked to you.
I can still remember the look on your face.
I noticed it really hits me hard
When you say, when you say... goodbye.

I love the way we were, Having so much fun.
I took a look around, you're the only one.
The smile on your face, never slips away.
And the way I feel right now, the way I feel today. The way I feel today.

Thoughts keep me awake, thinking of you.
This dream seems so fake.. but I can touch you.
These waves won't stop crashing in
Everything seems so right, but now you're gone again.

Could I be wrong about these thoughts?
They are spinning so fast in my mind.

Here you come back into my head
Something about every single word you said.
This is part; the part that hate.
The part where I have to say....Goodnight, Goodbye, Goodnight, Goodbye

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