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Angry Hill - The Insomniacs Awake

These are the lyrics for the song "The Insomniacs Awake" played by "Angry Hill". You can download "The Insomniacs Awake - Angry Hill" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

Sleep now, hell no.
Please allow, head pillow.
Beaten down, blacken bags.
Buzzing sound, life broken down again.

Noisy crowd, not now.
So loud, a jackhammer bangs.
Bed growls, pillow turns to stone.
In the sheets I drown, life broken down again.

Head hits the pillow, the insomniacs awake.
Sleep in stereo, glued the headphones on me.
Freak sleep you animal, the insomniacs awake.
Caught in a carnival, (life's a ferris wheel)(a deer with the head lights on him).
Head check!

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