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Aroah - I Row Across A Japanese Watercolor

These are the lyrics for the song "I Row Across A Japanese Watercolor" played by "Aroah". You can download "I Row Across A Japanese Watercolor - Aroah" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

I waited all day
For some stupid boy to speak out for me
I ve waited enough
So I head for my boat and I row with my brush
I can t get enough shades of blue
And I ve finally made my peace with pink
I ve made my mind up about you
Considering the colors that you bring to mind

There is light, there are no shadows
Water ought to clear things up
Watercolors hit the spot

In full bloom, in peace and order
The wind is blowing where it ought
Everything is where I want it to be

I daub you with my hopes and dreams
And water down my imperfections
Until I realize wet paper doesn t mean a thing
It s as real as any reflection

Look for spaces without time
Look for people without ties
Look for boats that cannot sink
Look for real things in your dreams

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