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Babel Fish - Mania

These are the lyrics for the song "Mania" played by "Babel Fish". You can download "Mania - Babel Fish" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

I tried to light a smoke but it was lit
I couldn''t help but watch her eyes
They were incapable of telling lies
Felt hypnotized

A mania
Insania for you
Lost in you
A mania
Invainia for you
Lost without you

She didn''t zap her life away
She lived a technicolor life all day
A kiss of life, a taste of death
I suffocated couldn''t catch my breath
Catch my breath

A mania...

I couldn''t eat, I couldn''t sleep
I couldn''t smile at her, I could not weep
She couldn''t help but watch my eyes
She saw a desperate man that she despised
That she despised

A mania...

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