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Bandits At Zero - Bandits Below Zero

These are the lyrics for the song "Bandits Below Zero" played by "Bandits At Zero". You can download "Bandits Below Zero - Bandits At Zero" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

Bandits at zero here they come
Looking out just for number one
They don't care cause they have the guns
Armed to the teeth they walk the streets
An elite group of men on the spent
Laughing their days with no rent
If you see them on the streets look away
Your life could be over now walk away

Getting their money by hoisting banks
Slamming down people like a group of tanks
The blood will splash red on the walls
For no cares but money in the drawers
Always the same line 'give me the cash'
Then within a flash they're darting for the door
To be on time to rob another store
In the town where they make their own law
They are tough, they cruise, bandits be zero
They might just shoot you, bandits be zero
They know what to do, bandits be zero
They don't care for me and you, bandits be zero

Getting high on social misconduct
Their shirts are properly tucked
Shooting cops just for some fun
Living on the run for the sum
They think they're so much bigger
To shoot a guy right in the liver
You look at this guy you'll get the shiver
They will shoot you in the back without a quiver

Drugs for them is their only light
Sniffing coke in the dark late night
Stabbing a guy right in his eye
Just because the way he looked to die
For now he's rotting in a cell
He wished he could go back to the days
When he roamed the streets, bandits be zero

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