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Bandits At Zero - Insane Words

These are the lyrics for the song "Insane Words" played by "Bandits At Zero". You can download "Insane Words - Bandits At Zero" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

Rich people don't they make you sick
The way they go about with money
Push all the buttons to get the rest
With the rich businessman for the pay
So she can linger in bed all day
Sleeping with the gardener now and then
Smashing parties till two p.m.
Money in the brain gosh what a man

Get busy with the make up man
Cock sucking fag with curls in his hand
Diddle and daddle get ready for the ball
For here I stand six feet tall

Insane words, is all I hear
Insane words, a talking rear
Insane words, gassing out
Insane words is what you shout

You are just a joke
So stupid you make me choke
You say you want friends
Someone who will listen to you
Your life now will never be the same
Getting rich from someone's life
Cause now insane words is all you know

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