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Ben Green - My Citroen

These are the lyrics for the song "My Citroen" played by "Ben Green". You can download "My Citroen - Ben Green" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

I m driving my car
It s made in France
I never need to get anyplace
I wouldn t take the chance
And that s the way that it should be
When she s not in the mood
My friends they don t understand
She s misunderstood

She s going nowhere
When it s raining
And when it s cloudy
She wont stop complaining
And if I can t reach the top of the hill
At least I m going half way with a friend
My citroen

I m driving my car
Driving real slow
This way I see everything
The only way that I go
And that s the way that it should be
Or else I might speed
With her I don t have the choice
And maybe that s what I need

I m driving my car
She s driving real good
The sun is shining
Just like I knew that it would
Or she d never have started
She s never have started
She d never have moved
And I don t go anywhere
When she disapproves

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