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Ben Green - Names On A Wall

These are the lyrics for the song "Names On A Wall" played by "Ben Green". You can download "Names On A Wall - Ben Green" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

Oh, it s a cold
Cold stone wall
One hand
One face against the wall
I watch the people and they re
Each weighing their private losses
And the cold sweet morning air
Surrounds a crop of blank white crosses

I m reading
I m not believing
They re all just names on a wall
They were once living hey were
Once breathing now
They re all just names
Names on a wall

Oh, I press my ear against the wall
I hear a helicopter, a bomb explode
I hear the echoes of a thousand souls
And then one young face
He says to me
Please remember me
I want to set him free
But all I see are
Blank white crosses stretched out to infinity


Hey Johnny
Can you hear your momma call?
Hey Johnny
She leaves the light on in the hal


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