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Common Rider - Long After Lights Out

These are the lyrics for the song "Long After Lights Out" played by "Common Rider". You can download "Long After Lights Out - Common Rider" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

Did you say all the things you meant to say
Silence has a way of arriving unannounced
If you could have said but one more little line
That you thought was timely
but you couldn't find the time
Time may find you, speak your mind
(and your heart that's the most important part)

At the end of the daylight hours
When you slip into the nighttime powers
Don't you leave things to long after
Long after lights out

Did you do all the things you wanted to
Sleep comes much too quickly
To the ones who do not move
If you could have done
just one more little thing
That you thought important but you
waited in the wings - wings are made for
taking flight (rock steady in the kindom of
the night)

Powers of the night
In a blue nocturne
Gather in mists
and await your return

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