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Earth Crisis - Mechanism

These are the lyrics for the song "Mechanism" played by "Earth Crisis". You can download "Mechanism - Earth Crisis" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

Won't look beyond their own existance. Don't understand difficult circumstances. Only know what little they've experienced. Won't waste my breath because they lack the sense. Plague on the earth. A propaganda fantasy that never gels in the face of reality.
Infiltrated every aspect. Mechanisms. Inject brainwash.
Look back through the past. See the mass graves. Filled with the corpses of the helpless slain. Once established always ends teh same. Expansion is the next stage of their game. Ivasion forces capture a country. Occupy the seized territory.
Infiltrated every aspect. Mechanisms. Inject brainwash.
Theories in practice, demons run wild. Skulls on skulls are stacked and piled. Master creator human nature denied. Kills the incentives for the best to strive.

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