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Earth Crisis - Morality Dictates

These are the lyrics for the song "Morality Dictates" played by "Earth Crisis". You can download "Morality Dictates - Earth Crisis" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

Crowded against one another, or penned into an artifical environment. Unbearable lonliness, separated from their fellow creatures contact. Individual innocent beings, each cow, sheep, pig, goat or chicken. Viewed as a product to processed. Raised only to be slaughtered and consumed. Murdered victims enshrouded with false names that deny their suffering. Beef, mutton, pork and poultry. Creatures torn and butchered only for the petiness of the flavour of their decaying flesh. The carnage of the slaughterhouse is all completely unnecessary for sustenance of techonologically advanced mankind. Constantly brainwashed from the beginning to believe the opposite of this truth. The brutality is anacceptable. I strive to end the exploitation. Morality dictates. Morality dictates. Morality dictates. Morality dictates that I live vegan.

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