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Earth To Andy - Pollute

These are the lyrics for the song "Pollute" played by "Earth To Andy". You can download "Pollute - Earth To Andy" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

How many times did you forget
The most important part of your day
That little pill that keeps you set
Helps you think of things to say
Aren't you tired of feeling dead
All this apathy instead
Walking on your knees again
I see you bend
Don't you worry,
help is on the way
What's the problem,
Boy, you just can't be saved
You pollute you then salute to be vain
Oh, I get the kind of feeling that you're never coming down
Oh, it makes so little difference, if your senses come around

How many cells did you dismiss
Casualties of civil war
The explanations on your lips
Can't conceal the rotten core
Can't you just cut to the chase
Will your body keep the pace
Walking on your own mistakes
Watching you shake

You pollute you then you're down with your grave

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