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Guided By Voices - An Ear Full O' Wax

These are the lyrics for the song "An Ear Full O' Wax" played by "Guided By Voices". You can download "An Ear Full O' Wax - Guided By Voices" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

When you come around
I can still be found in another world
Pick a number or a name
It's my favorite game in another world

Chorus: Hey man what was that we said
I'm going deaf
I chase the widely open spaces
Built in my head

Can't make out what you say
Won't pretend to even care in another world
When it all gets bad
Everything turns off in another world


And the shadow of the adversary's
??Filled?? and I shall play
Pass the plate and let us pray
Cause it's only a trick of the light

(liquidy vocals that I can't figure out

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