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Machine Gun Fellatio - Positive Song

These are the lyrics for the song "Positive Song" played by "Machine Gun Fellatio". You can download "Positive Song - Machine Gun Fellatio" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

This is a positive song
It s all about what is right, not what is wrong
And it s supposed to be nice
There ll be no mention of human sacrifice

This is a positive song
If you re a positive person you sing along
Feel free to mess with the track
Please don t sing about shooting up smack

This is a positive song
It s life-affirming and healthy and very strong
And God is now on our side
And God created napalm
And thalidomide

Everybody s good everybody is good
To one another in this world
Everybody s gonna get a turn
To look so pretty in this world
And everybody s gonna get a turn
To touch each other tonight
And everybody s gonna take a turn
To fuck each other s wives and mothers
Everybody s gonna build a bomb
And blow up houses ..

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