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Ross Diana - Let's Go Up

These are the lyrics for the song "Let's Go Up" played by "Ross Diana". You can download "Let's Go Up - Ross Diana" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

Comin\' back on
Comin\' back strong
Turnin\' back on

Takin\' the heat out in the street
Baby too long

Can you tell me how much fire
Will it take to get us higher

Hearin\' the news, singin\' the blues
You gotta choose
Stand up and fight, do it tonight
What can you lose
In a world of fading treasure
Love is the greatest pleasure

So let\'s go up, forget about down
\'Cause in this town, it\'s gonna get rough
And what goes down, is up to us
So let\'s go up, baby let\'s go up

When it gets hot, like it or not
You want to run
Though it\'s so warm here in my arms
You won\'t get burned
In a world of fading treasures
The pleasure of your treasures
Can not be measured up

Ooh, I can\'t free a person from their charms
But I\'ll tell you this for sure
If nothing is ventured
Then nothing is gained, let\'s go

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