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Saaa - The Trance

These are the lyrics for the song "The Trance" played by "Saaa". You can download "The Trance - Saaa" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

What exactly do you see?
Doesn't matter, I guarantee,
By the time I try to convince you,
I have the urge to castrate you.

Another weekend shot to hell.
Just how do you do it so well?
Put him in that trance again.
Now he's yours, when will this end?

Break away, from those chains, cuz it's
Not okay, -what -she -does.
Break away, you don't need her.
Disobey, -what -she -says.
-You -live -a life of pain.

Your social life is pathetic,
All you do is hug that bitch.
She makes faces and whines all day,
You've become that girls fucking slave.

How many times will you give in,
to lengerie and pink g strings?
You really need to drop that whore,
just get a hooker from singapore.

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