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Take That - A Million Lovesongs

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But your head against my life
What do you hear
A million words just trying to make
The lovesong of teh year

Close your eyes, but dont forget
what you have heared
A man hos trying to say a few words
words that makes me scared

Chorus: A million lovesongs later
and here I am trying to tell you
that i care
A million lovesongs later
And here i am.

Look in to the future now
this is what i see
A million chances past me by
a million chances to hold you

take me back-take me back
to were I use to be.
And hide away from all my throughts
throug the light i see


I mist a million, a million chances to love you
I mist a million, a million chances to sho you that i care
I mist a million, a million chances to tought
So baby will you always be there


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