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U2 - Promenade

These are the lyrics for the song "Promenade" played by "U2". You can download "Promenade - U2" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.


Earth sky sea and rain
Is she coming back again
Men of straw sneak a whore
Words that build or destroy
Dirt dry bone sand and stone
Barbed-wire fence cut me down
I'd like to be around
In a spiral staircase
To the higher ground

And I, like a firework, explode
Roman candle lightning lights up the sky

In the cracked streets trampled under foot
Sidestep, sidewalk
I see you stare into space
Have I got closer now
Behind the face

Oh...tell me...
Charity dance with me
Turn me around tonight
Up through spiral staircase
To the higher ground

Slide show sea side town
Coca-Cola, football radio radio radio
Radio radio radio...

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