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Ugly Casanova - Things I Dont Remember

These are the lyrics for the song "Things I Dont Remember" played by "Ugly Casanova". You can download "Things I Dont Remember - Ugly Casanova" Mp3 Music by clicking the link below.

things i dont remember
how the hell'd we get here
how the hell did we get here?
things i dont remember
dressed up alligator
how the hell'd we get here?
things i dont remember there was dressed up alligator there was cum on the piano, disco dancing neighbors.
who were born in mashed potatoes, caught with my pants down.
hiding in the doghouse, we figured out what we're good for.
youre the sailor and i'm the port
things i dont remember.
we undressed for the the tailor, youre skin was lightly salted. open up a can of loudmouth malted hi fives in your eyes pushed the gas and now im kissing your thighs.
looking for a purpose.
how the helld we get here?
there were things i dont remember.
there was messed up alligator, there was endless conversation. no ones mouths were really moving.
all them dumpsters overflowing
all my
things i dont rembember (xalot)
figured out what im good making anything look better how the hell could i blame her? even then i was a sailor
there were jokes that never land
every hand was tipped and some to the sand
things i dont remember

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